SBLC Issuance Procedure


sblc issuance

Contact SBLC Provider (801) 822-0956 (USA)

Contact: Eugene M Edwards (Senior Consultant)


Contact: Warren Wimslow (Consultant)


We only offer fresh cut SBLC’s
issued from either HSBC or Barclays.
Minimum value 10M Euro/USD sblc issuance
Maximum Value per paper 500M sblc issuance
Max value 10bn ( in multiples of 500M ) / or by negotiation on large sums

POF provided. Buyer must have a minimum of 20M Euros/USD in an account in a top 20 bank (preferably banks located in Western Europe; UK; Canada; USA; Singapore; Hong Kong). Alternatively, Buyer must have an active credit facility in their bank.

Compliance docs must be provided by the Buyer. This must include Buyers CIS together with passport and Company Incorporation documentation.

POF and /or BCL must be signed by an authorized signatory.

Due Diligence. Our Provider will verify Bank / Bank Officer and documentation

All per-agreed transmission fees paid

Our Provider will secure SBLC within 2 days of the above processes completed and SBLC should be provided within 2 working days.

Our Provider will then provide the Contract to the Buyer for signatory.

Mt799 Verified. Buyer’s bank sends a MT-799 Request for Confirmation to the Provider’s custodial bank requesting an MT-799 RWA confirming that the SBLCs are in custody at the Provider’s custodial bank and available for purchase/delivery.

Payment due. Provider’s bank replies with an MT-799 Confirmation SWIFT with full bank responsibility that the SBLCs have been purchased in the Buyer’s name and are in custody at the Provider’s custodial bank and ready for purchase and delivery and that upon receipt of the MT-103 SWIFT payment the SBLCs will be delivered immediately via MT-760 SWIFT into the Buyer’s account. NOTE: The Confirmation MT-799 SWIFT from the custodial bank will reference the Provider/Buyer contract number.

NOTE: The Buyer does not send the MT-103 payment until he receives confirmation from his bank officer that he has confirmed bank-to-bank with full bank responsibility that the Provider’s custodial bank will deliver the SBLCs as stated in the MT-799 Confirmation SWIFT. Other sblc issuance procedures can be discussed and arranged.

Contact Dr Eugene M Edwards for further sblc issuance consultation. You can also contact our other experts if you need to discuss anything relating to sblc, sblc Providers, sblc Monetization, sblc Lease and / sblc Purchase.